Mini-pumper to arrive by next month

PENNSDALE – Muncy Township Fire Department has purchased a $200,000 miniature pumper truck that leadership says will provide improved fire suppression and may reduce fire insurance for residents.

The truck is equipped with a air induction foam that is equivalent to 1,000 gallons of water, according to Corey Palmatier, fire chief, who spoke to Muncy Township supervisors Wednesday night about the purchase.

The vehicle runs on diesel fuel and is from Campbell Supply Co. No money will be taken from the fire department general fund.

“We can use relief fund money and will have to raise money,” Palmatier said.

The truck is expected to arrive by next month. It is meant to replace the aging brush truck that was made in the early 1990s and has 20,000 miles on it. The brush truck is starting to show wear in its electrical system and frame, he said.

The new pumper can be classified as an engine and the air induction foam delivery system replaces the bulky, heavy hose firefighters lug around fighting brush and structure blazes

Supervisor Tom Schaech said the mini-pumper is expected to assist the township with a better insurance rating and therefore potentially can decrease property fire insurance for residents.

The Sun-Gazette was not able to obtain an average cost of fire insurance for residents Wednesday but that information may be available in the township office or obtainable at another time.

Meanwhile, the police department and township are planning to advertise a 2003 police cruiser with 107,000 miles. It did not accept bids received for the car and placed a $2,250 reserve price on the car for those seeking to buy it through the bid process.

Supervisors continue to work with Palmatier as they review bids and costs associated with getting a surveillance and security system for the township building on Pond Road. The fire department has set aside $3,500 toward the system.