Montgomery police chief steps aside

MONTGOMERY – The borough’s interim chief of police is stepping aside.

Larry Wilcox, who took the position after last year’s retirement of former Chief of Police Terry Lynn, submitted a resignation letter to Council President Lynn Crist on Tuesday.

Wilcox was not at the council meeting but, according to excerpts of the letter, he wanted to resign because he cannot remain in the collective bargaining unit and remain chief.

“He can remain a borough police officer,” said borough Solicitor Benjamin Landon.

Borough police are responsible for covering the borough and Brady Township, but not Clinton and Washington townships on a regular basis. Those townships are protected by state police.

Council’s police committee and Brady Township supervisors have met several times to keep each of the municipalities informed and will meet again to begin the final selection process for hiring. Borough employees are hired by council.

The department has two full-time and three part-time officers, Landon said.

In December, council approved a three-year contract with its uniform and non-uniform employees, setting raises and terms.

Wilcox said at the time he earned about $40,000 a year and had been with the department 20 years.

In other business, the borough has received notice that $3,800 in private donations have been received to go toward the July 3 fireworks display.

Emergency management Coordinator Dennis Gruver received professional certification from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. Gruver is one of the most knowledgeable individuals to receive information from when there are natural disasters or emergencies in the borough, including flooding.

Mayor Andrew Onufrak II said he continues to work with SEDA-Council of Governments to find funding sources for installing surveillance camera systems in the borough.

An executive session was held for a personnel matter, but no decision was made.