Montoursville valedictorian: Accept challenges

It was a full house at the Montoursville Area High School gymnasium Thursday night as the school’s graduating seniors said good-bye to classmates and received their diplomas.

Commencement speakers said that the evening marks just the beginning of a lifetime of opportunities that await them.

Class President Michael Krall told the graduates not to fret about success, money or failure. Success, he said, is how one defines it.

Krall said hard work pays off and failure is inevitable, but success will surely come as well.

High school Principal Daniel Taormina presented class speakers Jenalee Morris, Rose Morris and Nicole Payne.

Jenalee Morris told her classmates that they can do anything and be anything. After all, many trails are open.

Be adventurous, she said. “The path we walk will change course. In the midst of the journey we will grow.”

Adventure, she said, is a dangerous business.

She told her classmates that each of them are gifted in a special way.

Rose Morris, class salutatorian, told everyone to be bold, to face challenges head-on because opportunities are waiting.

“We control our destiny,” she said, challenging her classmates to be beacons of brilliance.

Nicole Payne, class valedictorian, advised classmates to take the road less traveled.

“Be courageous and accept challenges,” she said.

After all, it takes courage and conviction to follow one’s dreams.

“Believe you are destined to do great things,” she said.

Superintendent Dr. Timothy S. Bowers told the class to embrace life.

“What will you do with what you have?” he asked. “Play to your strengths. Be open to change and challenge.”

Diplomas were handed out to 144 seniors.

The high school band and choir performed three songs, including “Pomp and Circumstance.”