New behavioral health care agency goes into effect for Joinder clients

LOCK HAVEN – The Lycoming-Clinton Joinder Board Wednesday formally approved an two-year agreement with Community Care Behavioral Health to manage mental health, drug and alcohol treatment services.

Services will be paid on a per member-per month basis, said Deb Duffy, Joinder administrator.

The arrangement officially begins July 1.

According to Community Care Behavioral Health’s website, the nonprofit managed care organization helps find care providers near clients, makes sure services are covered and assists with transportation.

Board members also discussed a proposed block grant funding program for the 2013-14 fiscal year that would give the local agency more control over how money is spent.

Duffy said there are several pieces of state legislation now pending on the issue.

“The Joinder board wants to see what the final legislation looks like, but the commissioners would be interested in participating in the block grant to allow more local decision making in the process,” she said.