Week looks hot, stormy

While not experiencing a true heat wave, central Pennsylvania has seen and will see more days to come this week with high temperatures in the low 90s.

Rich Grumm, a National Weather Service forecaster in State College, said he identifies a heat wave as at least three consecutive days of above 95-degree temperatures.

“I think our temperatures are pretty close to normal right now,” he said. “It is summer.”

Grumm said normal high temperatures for this time of year are in the low 80s.

Sunday’s high got up to 89 with a few isolated rain showers in the Williamsport area.

The weather service forecasts a chance of showers or thunderstorms today with a high of about 91.

In fact, a chance for showers and thunderstorms exists throughout the week due to the high daytime temperatures, Grumm said.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s highs are expected to be near 90, according to the weather service.

Later in the week, however, Grumm said a system will move in that may trigger additional showers and cool things off for the upcoming weekend into early next week.

The Williamsport area is about 2 inches below normal rainfall amounts for the year but is near average for the month, he added.