2nd man charged in connection with Saturday homicide

A second man faces charges in connection with the shooting death of Ansari Wilson, 21, on Saturday evening. Police say that a Williamsport man helped the alleged gunman, Tyrell Boyd, flee the area by providing him with new clothes and a place to clean up after the alleged homicide.

Reginald “Hanni” Johnnie Morton, 27, of 653 Wildwood Blvd., has been charged with hindering prosecution, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with physical evidence and obstruction of justice.

Also charged in the case is Boyd, also known as “Mug,” of 4918 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia. Boyd, 21, has been charged with criminal homicide, fleeing prosecution, aggravated assault and illegally possessing a firearm. Boyd’s age was listed incorrectly in Tuesday’s edition.

Authorities say that Morton helped Boyd soon after the shooting.

“Tyrell Boyd, our shooter, fled on his bicycle to Reginald Morton’s place on Wildwood Boulevard where he was able to clean up and change clothes in Morton’s apartment,” District Attorney Eric Linhardt said Tuesday.

According to police, the incident began when Boyd entered the front door of 1510 Scott St. at about 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. Soon after, he shot an unknown number of rounds at Wilson, who was struck in the abdomen, according to reports.

Police later found Wilson lying on the floor of the home bleeding and unconscious. Though Wilson was rushed to the hospital, doctors were unable to save him. He was pronounced dead at about 6 p.m.

After the shooting, Boyd allegedly fled through the front door of the residence and walked around to the back door, where he “grabbed a bicycle from another black male,” and took off to Morton’s home, according to court records.

Once inside, Boyd told Morton that he had just shot Ansari “Muk” Wilson and asked for some peroxide, police say. Morton was unable to provide the peroxide, but did find a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which Boyd allegedly used to wash his hands off.

During his interview, Boyd allegedly told authorities that he wanted to remove any gunshot residue that still might be on his hands.

Boyd then allegedly changed the blue shirt that he was wearing for a red shirt, records state.

While Boyd was cleaning up, Morton allegedly rode the getaway bike back to Scott Street, where it was discovered a short time later by investigators.

Boyd made some phone calls before leaving Morton’s home, police say. He then managed to make his way to Philadelphia, where he was arrested Monday during a meeting with his parole officer.

“We were working in cooperation with the state Parole Board. Boyd had reported to his parole officer on Monday. He was not aware that we (city police) were looking for him. When he came in for the meeting they held him and we went down to get him,” Linhardt said.

Police executed a search warrant on Morton’s apartment on Monday. While there, they allegedly uncovered more than 20 small wax baggies used to distribute heroin and numerous small plastic baggies used in the distribution of marijuana, according to court records.

The blue shirt that Boyd allegedly wore at the time of the shooting also had been left in Morton’s home. Morton later told police that he took the shirt from a dining room chair, where Boyd had left it, and placed it in a plastic bag to hide the evidence, according to police.

Morton also admitted that the narcotic-related items in his apartment belonged to him, records state.

Boyd and Morton both were arraigned before District Judge James H. Sortman late Monday evening. Boyd is being held without bail. Morton has been incarcerated in lieu of $250,000.

Though some feared the shooting was a random act, police are confident that Boyd and Wilson were acquainted with each other. In several police reports, Boyd allegedly mentioned that he had shot “Muk,” Wilson’s apparent nickname.

“The defendant and victim knew each other beforehand,” Linhardt stated.