Chickens won’t be coming home to roost

HUGHESVILLE – Borough Council refused the request of a resident to bring chickens back to her property at a meeting Monday night.

Christy Phillips called the borough office recently and asked if she were allowed to bring back seven chickens that she had kept at her home within borough limits until about two years ago, according to borough Secretary Sherry Young.

Phillips had a friend taking care of the chickens for some time and wanted to know if they still were “grandfathered” into an ordinance passed by borough council in December 2008 that prevents residents from keeping poultry on their property for commercial or food purposes, “including but not limited to chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, peacocks, pigeons, ducks, geese, ostriches and emus.”

“She got rid of her chicken tractors,” council President Jeff Berger said. “If she got rid of them and (the chickens) were gone for over a year, the decision stands.”

In other business, preparations for the Lycoming County Fair, to be held July 12-20, are underway.

Mayor Walter Reed spoke to county Sheriff Mark Lusk last week about how Lusk’s department will help borough police with fair security. The mayor said that Lusk promises there “will be uniformed sheriff’s deputies at the fair each and every night.”

A number of streets will be designated “no parking” during fair week, from midnight July 11 through midnight July 20. They are:

Main Street, for 75 feet on both sides from intersections with Lycoming and Broadway streets.

Second Street, west side, from Lycoming to Academy.

Third Street, both sides, from fair gate to Water.

Fourth Street, west side, from Broadway to Academy.

Fifth Street, west side, from Broadway to Water and east from Broadway to 147 S. Fifth.

East Park Street, both sides, from S. Hughes Alley to Main.

East Lycoming Street, both sides, from Second to Main.

Broadway, both sides, from Main to Fifth.