City woman asks landlords to lend a hand with water bills

Marlene Cofer hopes that landlords in the city might consider giving folks like herself some help when bills that need paid come in unexpectedly large.

“My water bill was $311 this month, and my rent’s $350 – I’m on disability and once I pay my rent and water bill, I’ve got nothing for myself. I had to borrow money from my daughter to pay the electric bill.”

Cofer says her water bill wasn’t nearly so high at the last quarterly payment time.

“I talked to people and they said the bill is high to clean up this river – I wouldn’t mind if the landlords would just give us some help, I pay half and they pay half.”

Cofer says that in her lease, she must pay the entire water bill on time or she’ll be evicted.

“I’ve heard a lot of people have that problem. Landlords need to help out with water. We’re paying their mortgage. Give a little bit. I don’t want to put my landlord through that headache, so I pay the whole thing.”

Cofer says that the quarterly water bill could be split when it comes in at a higher rate, and left to the tenant if it’s lower.

“(The landlords) can help out, and then see what follows in the next few months. The next one’s due in October.”