Jersey Shore OKs parking lot sale

Locally elected and appointed officials voted on the following matters in the past week:


The Senate confirmed with a vote of 54-41 the nomination of Jennifer A. Dorsey, of Nevada, to be U.S. District Judge for the District of Nevada on July 9.

On July 10, the Senate rejected with a vote of 51-49 a motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to S. 1238, a bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to extend the current reduced interest rate for undergraduate federal direct stafford loans for one year, to modify required distribution rules for pension plans and for other purposes.

The Senate confirmed with a vote of 88-0 the nomination of Gregory Alan Phillips, of Wyoming, to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the 10th Circuit.

The House passed HR 2609 by a vote of 227-198, making appropriations for energy and water development and related agencies for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2014.

The House passed the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act with a vote of 216-208 on July 11.


There were no votes.


The Lycoming County commissioners unanimously approved a professional service agreement with Pennsylvania College of Technology for ShaleNET to train the county’s under- and unemployed and veterans. Voting in favor were Commissioners Jeff Wheeland, Tony Mussare and Ernie Larson.

The commissioners unanimously approved an Act 13 grant not to exceed $25,000 to renovate 2,500 square feet of The Children and Youth Services Family Visitation Center at 200 East St. Voting in favor were Commissioners Wheeland, Mussare and Larson.

The commissioners adopted a resolution to approve a bond issuance for Lycoming College wherein half refunds existing bonds and half funds construction projects. Voting in favor were Commissioners Wheeland, Mussare and Larson.

The commissioners approved a grant application fee charged by Lycoming County Planning and Community Development. Voting in favor were Commissioners Wheeland, Mussare and Larson.

The commissioners opened 12 proposals by qualified engineering firms to provide services to assess Lycoming County’s brownfield sites.

The commissioners held a Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act hearing in which they approved the issuance of bonds for the Lycoming College for construction projects. Voting in favor were Commissioners Wheeland, Mussare and Larson.


Jersey Shore Borough Council voted 6-1 to sell a municipal parking lot for $2,000 to Frederick P. Welter Funeral Home. Voting in favor of the sale were Sean Simcox, Wade Snyder, John Pisarcik, Janet Barnhart, Kenneth Scheesley and Deborah Colocino. Voting against the sale was Marguerite Dyroff. Mary Greene was absent.

Old Lycoming Township Supervisors submitted a prevailing wage resolution to the state General Assembly, requesting the threshold of $25,000 be raised or eliminated. The supervisors passed a budget appropriations resolution for Act 13 funds of $127,490 to go to the capital reserve fund. They also passed a DUI grant of $45,000. Voting unanimously for all of the above were supervisors John W. Eck, Linda Mazzullo and Janet Hall.

Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority adopted a resolution to execute authorization to enter between the authority and SEDA-COG so construction can start on the Loyalsock Creek Railroad Bridge. Voting unanimously were Vice Chairman Atwood Welker, Chairman Mark Murawski, Secretary Dr. William Martin, member Chris Logue and Executive Director Thomas Hart.

Muncy Township Supervisors voted 3-0 to approve a plan by Fishlips Inc. to construct a building for storage and employee use in the Marcellus Energy Park. Voting in favor were Paul Wentzler, Tom Schaech and Gregory Gilbert. Schaech motioned for the passage to include a request by the company to install a sprinkler system.

Williamsport City Council voted 7-0 to approve a contract for the purchase of three compressed natural gas vehicles for River Valley Transit without using money in the general fund budget. Voting in favor were President Bill Hall, Liz Miele, Bonnie Katz, N. Clifford “Skip” Smith, Don Noviello, Randall J. Allison and Jonathan Williamson. Council approved a land development plan by Fisher Mining to build a warehouse at the Newberry Rail Yard for its coal operation.

DuBoistown Borough Council voted 5-0 to end an agreement with Old Lycoming Township Police Department for providing police protection in the borough. Voting in favor were Michael Caschera, James Barger, Paul McKinley, Norman Cowden, and John McCormick. Michael Rodgers and Mark Shultz were absent.

South Williamsport Borough Council voted to unanimously approve a bid submitted by Pine Mountain in the amount of $288,297 for Community Development Block Grant lateral replacements. Voting in favor were Dan Cupp, Henry Frey Jr., Richard Harris, Jeff Thompkins, Edward Weinhoffer and David Lechniak. Absent were Benjamin Landon, Anthony Mussare, J. Bernard Schelb and Robert Cronin.