New warehouse approved by planners with conditions at Marcellus Energy Park

If FMC Technologies, Inc., meets conditions imposed by the Lycoming County Planning Commission, construction for a new warehouse and parking area in the Marcellus Energy Park should begin at the end of August to be completed around December.

The commission approved the land development plan with conditions at the meeting Thursday evening.

The $800,000, 12,200-square-foot warehouse will sit on a 5.59-acre lease area within the 149.7-acre energy park parcel. The existing FMC Technologies building at 320 Marcellus Drive contains a well-head division and a fluids division. The proposed new, two-floor warehouse at 210 Marcellus Drive will house the fluids division, and eight to 10 employees may be hired, according to a report by Joshua Billings, subdivision and land development administrator.

FMC services the iron used in oil and gas drilling, said Michael Hunter, fluid control base manager for FMC. The new building is needed for expansion purposes, Hunter said.

Muncy Township Planning Commission and supervisors strongly recommended a sprinkler system as part of the building construction. The uniform construction code does not require it.

Muncy Township Planning Commission and supervisors also have expressed concern of the cumulative traffic of trucks and cars from the potential development along John Brady Drive. This development will not have much additional traffic, Billings said.

The conditions that must be met by FMC are an improvement guarantee agreement with financial guarantee; a construction schedule for driveway, parking and stormwater improvement construction inspections; and coordination with other landowners and developers near John Brady Drive to divide responsibility for future traffic improvements.

Fishlips, LLC, owns the land, while FMC Technologies leases it. Hawbaker Engineering drew the site design, and Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. is contracted to do construction.

The commission also approved with conditions a proposed Watson Township Municipal building, storage building and recycling center. Because the existing building and recycling center is in the 100-year regulatory floodplain, the site will be elevated 1.5 feet. Conditions include that staff, Brinjac Engineering and commission comments be incorporated into the land development and stormwater plan sheets; proof of a stormwater easement agreement prior to occupancy; a construction schedule provided; and a Highway Occupancy Permit issued by the state Department of Transportation.