Paper clogging township sewers

Irresponsible flushing of paper products is clogging Loyalsock Township’s sewer pumps.

Township Manager Bill Burdett told the board of supervisors Tuesday evening that “rags,” or paper products that don’t dissolve, are causing a hassle for sewer maintenance.

“These are like wet wipes, that sort of thing, that don’t dissolve,” Burdett said. “When we have a wet weather event, the water picks them up and puts them in the pumps. People are kind of in the habit of flushing them, and nursing homes use a lot of them – we’ve got a lot of nursing homes in the township.”

The old pumps were “grinders,” Burdett explained, so flushed paper products weren’t such an issue. No overflow issues have occurred, but maintenance is looking into some sort of screen to put “upflow” from the pumps.

Burdett also reported to the board that an engineering study on flood risk undertaken with Williamsport, South Williamsport and Old Lycoming Township, at the behest of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, looks like it will give the all-clear to current infrastructure.

“You’ll remember (FEMA) kind of threatened that if we didn’t do this study they would make everyone behind the levee get flood insurance,” Burdett said. “It was a freeboard analysis to make sure the levee is not going over the top, and it’s going to be certified. We’re good.”

Sarah Hughes, township secretary, reported that the total received by the township in Act 13 gas impact funds for the year was $259,358.34.

The board of supervisors next meets at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 13, with a public hearing on ordinances relating to zoning for chickens and prisons to precede the meeting at 7:15 p.m.