Parking deck demolition pact gets OK

City Council approved a demolition and site construction contract regarding the Mid-Town parking garage on West Third and Laurel streets.

It approved a $362,000 contract for Apollo Dismantling Services of Niagra Falls, N.Y., to demolish and remove asbestos from the garage that will be razed and replaced with a more modern facility, the Trade and Transit II.

Council approved Glenn O. Hawbaker’s contract of 341,993 for site construction, such as curbing and site preparation for the new garage.

The work begins in September.

At the next Williamsport Parking Authority meeting a lease will be discussed between the city and developer Dan Klingerman, president and CEO of The Liberty Group.

Removal of a building at 210 Market St. that Klingerman plans to be the site of a 160-foot office tower in three years made it possible for the city to use the space for 150 parking spots and for a staging area for 400 precast pieces of equipment while the Trade and Transit II building is constructed.

William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director, is working out the details of the lease which would accommodate the city and developer needs. “We can utilize the facility for up to five years,” Nichols said. “We can’t terminate the lease before three years but we will be able to recover most of the money to create the parking lot within that time by charging monthly parkers and installing metered parking,” he said.

The $9 million Trade and Transit II building is expected to include low-level floor space for retail opportunities, a conference room and be the office of the Williamsport Parking Authority. The authority has its temporary office at 321 Pine St.