Pool horseplay requires security presence in Loyalsock Township

At their Tuesday evening meeting, Loyalsock Township Parks and Recreation Director Shannon Lukowsky asked the supervisors to hire a security guard for the community pool, because a number of disruptive incidents have happened there so far this year.

“Our lifeguards are feeling threatened and a little overwhelmed,” Lukowsky said. “These are people in their 20s, they’re hard for our kids to approach.”

Lukowsky was asked if state police had been involved.

“They came in this last weekend and escorted a couple of girls out who were fistfighting,” she said. “They know they’re not welcome back, but when it happens we just get another group coming in.”

“We don’t want regular people going there to be intimidated,” Supervisor Jeff Rauff said. “It’s a few people making it bad for others.”

The board approved hiring a security guard for the rest of the season for $2,800.

A township resident who asked for anonymity asked supervisors what can be done about a home on Northway Road, “across from the Presbyterian church,” which reportedly is a center of drug traffic and has an overgrown yard.

“The couple next door is exasperated,” the woman said. “They say it wouldn’t take too much to put an unmarked car in the lot across the street, within a hour and a half they would spot the buyers and sellers.”

“We had some issues inside of the house because of cats,” zoning officer Dave Carson said. “We can do something about the grass issues, but as far as illegal or illicit activity we don’t really have any authority.”

Board Chairman John Bower told the woman “if you are seeing action going on you need to notify state police.”

Pierson Avenue resident Paul Nyman aired his concern with the mess made by paving.

“I’m appreciative of the resurfacing, but the mess these guys are leaving – there’s asphalt all over my driveway and sidewalk,” Nyman said.

“Typically we have a few a year where they have to come back and mill a notch out – the contractor will come back and fix that,” Burdett said.

Township Tax Collector Dottie White told the board that the school tax bills for Loyalsock Township are incorrect. People who receive the “homestead exemption” have bills that charge them about a dollar and a half more than they should be. Residents will get another tax bill, marked “revised,” in the mail and they should pay that bill, White said.

The board meets next at 7:30 p.m. July 23.