Residents terrified of gun violence

Geradine Kaseman is worried her grandchildren and other children playing on Scott Street soon may catch a bullet.

She is not alone in her fears.

The 1400 block of Scott Street was the scene for Mayor Gabriel J. Campana’s news conference on crime reduction Wednesday afternoon.

It’s a neighborhood and street where two deadly shootings have taken place in a city with three homicides this year caused by gun violence.

Kaseman, 63, said two of her grandkids heard the latest shooting in the 1500 block of the street.

“They were outside playing, she said. “They said, ‘Grandmom, we heard a pop, pop,’ ” she said.

Kaseman asked no questions, just rushed them inside.

“All I’m doing is trying to keep everyone safe, and all of the other kids on the block safe,” Kaseman said.

Elfred Ores, 68, a resident of the 1400 block for the past 35 years, is sick and tired of the drug deals and violence.

And it’s not solely a Scott Street problem, according to Brion Williamson, 44, who lives on Wildwood Boulevard, between Park Avenue and High Street.

Williamson carries a concealed weapon permit and has encouraged formation of a neighborhood watch group patrol on that block.

He also suggested the area is too dimly lit and asked if the city could put in more street lights.

“Senseless killings,” a man said, shaking his head. “Ain’t safe for kids or adults.”