Single-stream recycling explained at meeting of Loyalsock supervisors

A Loyalsock Township public meeting was held on Tuesday evening to discuss implementation of the county’s single-stream recycling program.

The supervisors listened to county Resource Recovery Manager Jason Yorks and Commissioner Jeff Wheeland talk about their rationales for the new recycling approach.

“Think about how much waste we each generate, 4 1/2 or 5 pounds of garbage a day,” Yorks said. “There are a lot of plastics now that aren’t recyclable at your typical drop-off center that (single-stream) will pick up. If you’re paying by the bag you won’t need garbage service as often, and if you’re like a business, paying per month, you can say you don’t need two containers but one.”

Wheeland offered the example of a friend who started paying the $5 fee for single-stream recycling, but cut down his garbage bill so he now saves a dollar a month.

The meeting was held so supervisors could make an informed decision about revising their solid waste ordinance to allow haulers besides Lycoming County Resource Management to make recycling pickups – private haulers will provide the single-stream recycling service.

Yorks addressed the concern with hauler pricing.

“Every hauler has its own pricing. Let me say this – Jason Yorks did not set the market pricing for single-stream hauling.”

“I think it’s a win-win,” supervisors Chairman John Bower said. “We’re going to recycle more and the county makes money.”

Council passed the ordinance change with an unanimous vote at its regular meeting.