Little League festivities kick off with ‘awesome’ weather

Whether on the field or in the stands, those converging on the area for the start of the Little League World Series will enjoy clear skies and warm temperatures, according to the National Weather Service in State College.

“Through Saturday, the word I used was awesome and that basically is a very good descriptor,” said Meteorologist Paul Head. “We’re going to have highs in the 80s (for most of the week).”

Little League festivities will begin tonight as the Grand Slam Parade will roll through the city, starting at 6 p.m.

And despite last year’s showers for the event, there shouldn’t be any rain drops felt tonight. Head said he doesn’t normally like to be so definitive with his answers but when asked about rain, he simply said: “Not a chance.”

Head did point out that parade watchers will want to bring a jacket along as temperatures will begin falling from the mid-70s in the evening.

Jason Fink, executive director of the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau, said is happy to hear such a positive forecast.

“I think whoever’s responsible for the weather is helping to make up for last year’s rain,” he said. “What’s predicted is the best parade weather since we’ve been doing this (parade): mid-70s and sunny. You can’t beat that. It’s usually blazing hot, which makes it a long and challenging walk, especially when the pavement gets heated up. So we’re very excited about the fact that we’ve got some nice weather this year.”

And as Thursday’s first pitch is set for 1 p.m. between the Latin America and Caribbean regions, it should be an enjoyable day for a baseball game.

But temperatures will continue to increase and it could reach the mid-80s this weekend.

“It will be beautiful weather (today), Thursday and Friday,” Head said. “As we get into Saturday, it will be a little bit more humid, which will make it a bit more uncomfortable.”

The increased humidity could take a toll on players, he added. “It will be a lot more sweating and a lot more water will be needed for activity,” Head said.

Head reported that temperatures are about eight to 10 degrees cooler than it normally is this time of year.

“This is a good preview of September,” Head said. “This is usually back-to-school weather.”