Montgomery to install surveillance cameras on buses

MONTGOMERY – Montgomery School District children may want to remember to smile as they ride the bus – they’ll soon be on camera.

During its meeting Tuesday night, the board approved the purchase of 36 surveillance cameras for $22,984 through Framtec Surveillance.

Four cameras will be installed on each of nine buses, according to Grant Evangelisti, district business manager.

“Many, many other districts already have cameras on buses,” Evangelisti said.

The cameras will be able to view every angle on the bus. Three will be pointed toward the vehicle’s occupants and one will be pointed out the front door, according to Evangelisti.

The cameras have a 10-year warranty and will record up to about two weeks of footage before needing to be erased.

“Right now you can only watch the video, there’s no audio. It’s illegal to record the audio,” Evangelisti said.

The cameras also will record a wealth of other information. Evangelisti said they can track where a bus is going, where it has been, where it stopped and how fast the driver was traveling.

“Say we have a speeding complaint. We’ll be able to go back and review just how fast that bus was going through it’s entire journey,” Evangelisti said.

Money for the cameras will come from the district’s transportation budget. While the district will own the cameras, they do not own the buses they will be installed in. Therefore, the bus contractors will pay $2,700 to offset installation costs.