Natural gas compressor station may be coming to Cummings Township

A natural gas compressor station will be built in Cummings Township if it meets zoning ordinances and stormwater plans, the Lycoming County Planning Commission said Thursday, approving the plan with those contingencies.

Pennsylvania General Energy Co., LLC, a natural gas exploration and production company, based in Warren, plans to construct on DCNR land above the east ridge of Pine Creek and Route 44, east of Ramsey on Houselanger Mountain.

Member Jim Dunn questioned whether the station would be highly visible, since it’s near the widely used Rails to Trails path in that area.

“Everyone there will see a football-sized station unless it’s compliant with the ridgeline zoning ordinance,” Dunn said, which led to the zoning contingency.

Member Chris Keiser abstained from voting.

The project will entail the construction of a gravel pad and a 65-foot-long access road.

The pad will support a building that will house multiple pipeline compressor units. It will be near the company’s water impoundment facility, used to withdraw more than 90,000 gallons of water a day from Pine Creek under normal conditions, in accordance with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

The company first drilled its wells there in 2010.

Other associated facilities to be built are a compressor pad and building in a 9-acre disturbance area, requiring clearing of trees.

The compressor station pad will be 5 acres. The 21,116 square-foot building will be 50 feet by 422 feet, and 27 feet high.

The shed will be 10 feet by 30 feet, and the control building will be 15 feet by 50 feet. Larson Design Group is contracted to do the construction.

A compressor station essentially is necessary to meet natural gas pressures as it is extracted from wells so it can be pumped into the main trunk line to be accessed by energy companies for use, said the company’s attorney, Nathaniel Schmidt.

This is the first of three stations the company plans on building, Schmidt said.