Police chief in Montgomery steps down

After two months as Administrative Police Chief, Greg Drollinger resigned from the Montgomery Police Department last week.

“My resignation was the result of many discrepancies in my official description of duties to be performed as chief and the actual on-the-job duties,” explained Drollinger. “Several procedures changed internally after I accepted the position and are the cause of many problems within the department. Certain people outside the police department are trying to do things their way instead of using proper procedure.”

He went on to say that he did not agree with the changes and he didn’t want to be a part of anything that wasn’t done in a manner contrary to his training.

Drollinger has worked for the Montgomery police department part-time for the last two years. He took the position as police chief to advance in his career. In the short time he was chief, Drollinger noted he was able to get a top-of-the-line computer system in place to help organize police records, budget plans, and physical plans of the department.

“A lot of things regarding technology just needed to be updated to run the office more efficiently,” he said.

Drollinger came to the Montgomery Police Department with 10 years of experience from Watsontown Police Department, where he was hired part-time in 2003. He was offered full-time employment in 2006 and promoted to detective in 2009. He currently is a full-time detective there.

Since being hired at Watsontwon, he has participated in several training programs over the years, including DUI, traffic enforcement, criminal and drug enforcement and homicide, among others.