PSU Continuing Ed Center closing due to enrollment decline

Declining enrollment has led the Pennsylvania State University to close a Continuing Education Center on Commerce Park Drive next summer.

Twenty-one students will be affected by the closing set for June 30, 2014, according to Deborah A. Benedett, a university spokeswoman.

The closure was recommended by the school’s Academic Program and Administrative Services Core Council after a review by an outreach organization. “There were efforts to see if enrollment would increase but they continued to be low,” Benedett said.

Many of the students are 21 years of age or older who either seek to get a degree to further their chances at an improved career or who stopped their educational process and want to complete their degree, she said.

Those who are enrolled will continue to receive assistance from the university and academic advisers to help them finish their degree programs, Benedett said.

Additionally, the university has been exploring partnerships to provide suitable and temporary classroom space for the faculty-led classes, she said.

“Students will be counseled on their options for continuing their education at other Penn State locations, including online through Penn State’s World Campus,” Benedett said. “Students will have access to support services after the center closes, including academic advising, career counseling and financial aid information.”