Steakhouse traffic study moves ahead

Muncy Township supervisors on Wednesday recommended final approval to move forward with the proposed traffic analysis for the development of a Longhorn Steakhouse near the Lycoming Mall.

“Although we are all for the development of land in the area and we would really like to see the Longhorn Steakhouse be built here, we have huge concerns surrounding the flow of traffic in that area especially during the holidays,” said Tom Schaech, township supervisor. He went on to say that normal daily traffic flow is not going to project the problems that may be encountered during the holiday season.

“I’m also all for development, but we need to consider all issues and whether or not we can do something to help with the possible traffic flow problems,” said Paul Wentzler, township supervisor.

The supervisors agreed to revisit the proposal once the numbers are in on the projected traffic analysis. The traffic study should be completed within the next 30 days.

The supervisors agreed to not approve the proposed sign that would sit between the restaurant and the highway. The sign was going to be 65 feet high.

The supervisors voted to move forward with the proposed purchase of a security system that will safeguard the Pennsdale fire hall. The estimated costs are $17,000 for all equipment and installation with a monthly service agreement of about $300. The fire department will pick up a portion of the costs.

The board approved the fire department’s chicken barbecue this Saturday.

There will be a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss the financing of the new engine for the fire department.

Plans also are in the works for a boot fundraising drive on Black Friday.