Substitute teachers approved for $5 per day pay hikes in Montoursville

After somewhat lengthy discussion, Montoursville Area School Board approved $5 pay hikes for substitute teachers.

Substitutes now will earn $90 per day to bring their pay rates in line with other districts in the area.

Those who work at least 31 days will receive a bump in pay to $100 per day.

School board member Dora Pioli argued against the pay hike, claiming that $5 really won’t make much difference in finding and retaining substitutes.

Overall, the pay hike will amount to about a $5,000 increase in annual school costs, she noted.

Superintendent Dr. Timothy Bowers said the district has a shortage of substitutes.

Higher pay, he argued, can help the district keep up with rates paid to substitutes elsewhere.

Business Manager Robert Saul said the East Lycoming School District, at $80 per substitute, is the only district to offer lower pay rates.

Other area school districts already pay $90 per day to substitutes.

Board member Thomas McNamara said $5 probably makes a difference to a substitute.

School director Dale Ulmer agreed.

“Getting subs is very important,” he said.

Pioli said she polled a number of substitutes who informed her that the pay rate really doesn’t matter to them.

Many of them, she added, simply enjoy working in Montoursville.

The vote to increase substitute pay was 5 to 1.

Voting in favor were McNamara, Ulmer, George Hagemeyer, Scott Konkle and Jill Kaplan.

Voting against was Pioli.

Jeff Schans and Ellen Stoner were absent.

Also approved were pay rates of $7.65 for substitute aides, cafeteria workers and custodians.

A rate of $12 per hour was approved for substitute health care aides.

In other action, the board accepted the resignation of Marjory Belzer as head cook at Lyter Elementary School.

School directors approved the district’s faculty, student and athletic handbooks for the 2013-14 school year.