Sun-Gazette prepares for the start of its LLWS pin sale

As visitors from around the globe are set to converge on the area next week, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette will unveil its newest set of eight Little League World Series pins at its office, 252 W. Fourth St., 7:30 a.m. Monday.

“Every year the Sun-Gazette issues new commemorative pins in honor of the Little League World Series. Over the years, pin collecting, as a hobby, has grown, especially among Little League players, families, coaches and adults,” said Bernard A. Oravec, Sun-Gazette publisher.

And although pins can be purchased individually, a pin depicting an American bald eagle only will be able to be obtained with the purchase of the complete set.

“This year’s pin designs include our paper carrier mascot, Sunny Day, riding an ATV, which is available in both red and blue versions. Other designs include a reporter/photographer pin; a cat on a delivery box pin; a special publisher’s pin; a ‘Shale Play’ pin, which recognizes the impact of the natural gas industry on our area; a big foot pin, featuring sasquatch throwing out a first pitch; and our special edition pin of an American bald eagle,” Oravec explained.

To better serve the many visitors to the Sun-Gazette that wish to purchase pins, the community newspaper will display this year’s pins, along with those from the past three years, in a showcase in lobby of the Sun-Gazette. Pins dated prior to 2010 are not available.

Those wishing to get their hands on an entire set of the latest pins are encouraged to show up early.

“Since 2004, the Sun-Gazette has issued 28 different pin designs. Sun-Gazette pins are some of the rarest, most beautiful and highly sought after pins during the Little League World Series,” Oravec said. “To guarantee the opportunity to purchase the eight-piece set, it’s advised to be here as early as possible on Monday as the sets sell out quickly.”

New this year, the Sun-Gazette also will publish a glossy magazine about the newspaper’s pins, entitled “The Williamsport Sun-Gazette Pin: A Collector’s Guide to the First Ten Years 2004-2013.” The magazine will be available free of charge at the newspaper’s office, local hotels and the Sun-Gazette tent at the Little World Series.

“As with past years, we expect many of the designs to sell out within the first week. As an added value this year, the Sun-Gazette will be publishing a special 32 page glossy magazine for collectors of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette commemorative pins. This magazine should be available on or around Aug. 15 and is free,” he said.