West Branch Life coming out Wednesday

West Branch Life celebrates the richness of fall when its next issue comes out Wednesday as insert in the newspaper for home subscribers of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and the Lock Haven Express.

Each issue highlights personalities, happenings and life in the West Branch Valley. Readers are likely to see someone or something familiar tucked in between the colorful pages.

“Personality stories take us up onto the mountain to meet Bob Webber, into the historic district to talk with Dr. Oscar Knade, and down to Lewisburg where a Bucknell student has just launched an Internet dating service with a twist,” said L. Lee Janssen, editor of the quarterly magazine.

Fall features focus on festivals, football traditions, local haunted places and the story of Williamsport painter Marguerite Bierman and her tenacity in the face of cancer.

“We want people to have a good feeling after reading the magazine and share it with friends and family,” Sun-Gazette Publisher Bernard A. Oravec said.

Unlike the time-sensitive, hard news featured in the daily paper, West Branch Life focuses on arts and culture in a more intimate, leisurely style.

“We want our readers to feel part of the community that lives, works and has grown up along the river,” Oravec said.

The magazine celebrates communities separated by ridges and river bends but united by local love.

“We received a tremendous response to our first issue in May, and I hope readers enjoy the Fall issue as much if not more,” Janssen said.

Readers are encouraged to submit story ideas and photographs to westbranchlife@sungazette.com.