Woodward Township supervisors discuss stormwater, planning commission actions

LINDEN – Stormwater management and actions by the planning commission were the topics under consideration during the Woodward Township supervisors’ monthly meeting, held Wednesday evening.

The board has received a letter from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, detailing new expectations for stormwater management. Marc Drier, township solicitor, was on hand to explain.

“What they’ve done is gather information and done updates to the map. In doing so, are we expected to update our old stormwater plan based on their findings, or do we need to redo the stormwater management ordinance,” asked Gary Knarr, zoning officer.

“It sounds like they’re going to tell us what to do,” said Drier.

He explained that the letter asked townships to amend regulations, adopt new standards and provide proof that these steps have been taken.

Knarr volunteered to email the current plan to FEMA representatives and determine if the township will need to update its ordinance in order to remain in compliance.

Knarr also reported that a zoning hearing board had been held to grant Western Mountain Inc. an exception to have multiple uses on a single lot of land.

The permission was granted on the condition that the business contact the Williamsport sewer and water authority, to find out if it could tap into existing lines, or if it needs to add a second sewer and water access point.

“If they need to add a second access out onto West Fourth Street, that is (the state Department of Transportation’s) highway, so they’ll need to obtain a highway occupancy permit from PennDOT,” Knarr said.

He explained that the business will use the property both for personal storage and as a contracting shop.

“Any time you get into a shop that does fabrication or repairs, that constitutes one type of use. A lot that was just a storage facility would be another type of use,” Knarr said.