Youth finds his 1st job as vendor at Little League World Series

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Bryce Binkley isn’t taking it easy in his last few weeks before school starts.

The rising South Williamsport senior took his first formal job this past week – he’s vending at the Little League World Series, which goes through Sunday.

“I just applied for this through Little League, and I came in today and they gave me Gatorade,” Binkley said. “It’s nothing crazy, but it works for a first job.”

On his first day, Binkley thought he had drawn a pretty good assignment for the pleasant, mild weather, compared to the smoothies, Bomb Pops, lemonade and popcorn other vendors were selling.

“The Gatorade is the best thing to sell so far, I think,” he said. “They’re going to change it up, though – we’ll all sell different things during the Series.”

Vendors at the Series are paid a rate a couple dollars below minimum wage, so they must rely on tips to make good money, like waiters, Binkley said.

“The tips are alright,” Binkley said. “A lot of it is, ‘Keep the quarter,’ and that’s your tip.”

Binkley isn’t sure yet how he will use his extra funds.

“I’m not saving up for a car or a house,” he said. “I’m not sure what I’ll do with the money yet.”

With a new school year just beginning shortly, he does not yet have clear plans beyond graduation – though he doubts he will make a full-time career of vending at ball games.

“I might do construction for a while,” Binkley said. “I’m not sure yet. This year is going to be fun.”