Campus honors victims with flag memorial

As students and faculty made their way to classes this morning on Lycoming College’s campus, they were given a somber reminder of the events 12 years ago as almost 3,000 American flags – one for each person who lost their life during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks – filled the campus’ quad.

The memorial, organized by the Lycoming College Republicans, situates the flags in the form of the World Trade Center towers.

According to Elizabeth Vollman, organization president, the hope is that the memorial will allow the campus and community to honor and remember those who lost their lives during the attacks.

“9/11 is still part of our history and it’s not something we should forget,” Vollman said. “I think it was such a big event in our country and an event that has shaped what is going on in our country and we need to remember those who lost their lives.”

This is the second year the group has done this memorial, which will include a 9 p.m. service on the steps of Long Hall.

The overwhelming positive response last year gave the group the encouragement it needed to again put up the memorial.

“We had such a great response last year – a lot of patriotism,” Vollman

She and other volunteers from her organization and others set up the memorial Tuesday night. Vollman estimated Tuesday it would take “a few hours” in order to put all of the flags out.

It was a community effort to put on the memorial, Vollman noted. Many campus organizations volunteered their time to help set it up and the county Veterans Affairs supplied the flags.

Vollman added that the attacks on the country in 2001 were very significant to everyone, but especially her generation as it was the first time it had been exposed to such events. She added that she still remembers that time when she was in fifth grade.

“It really was a reality check in what was going on in the world. It just struck me as being something so significant,” she said.

The flag memorial will remain in place on the campus’ quad for a week.