College honors 9/11 victims

As communities around the country gathered to remember those who lost their lives during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, a group of more than 50 students and staff gathered on campus at Lycoming College Wednesday night.

The candlelight vigil gave participants and opportunity to remember those who died – which included three of the college’s graduates – but also remember the lessons learned from that day.

“There are many reasons why many want to remember 9/11,” said Rev. Jeff LeCrone, campus minister.

At one point in the service, those in attendance were able to write what they were remembering from that day on a large note pad, whether be a specific victim or general thoughts.

Greg Vartan, president of the college’s student senate, explained that for most of the current students, they were in the second through fifth grades when the attacks happened. He said they now “realize the impact” of that day.

LeCrone also said that it was good to see the campus come together as a community to remember the victims.

Showing that unity as a campus, Vartan said that 100 students helped set up the college’s flag memorial. The memorial placed close to 3,000 American flags in the campus’ quad to honor those who lost their lives.

LeCrone added that while it was a “dark day” in the country’s history, citizens should not forget the sacrifice, courage and unity shown after the attacks. He said those lessons are things that “ought not to be forgotten.”

“We came to remember, go now and remember,” LeCrone told the group.