Corner store, parking for college OK’d by planners

The Williamsport Planning Commission gave a positive recommendation Monday to a woman’s request to open a retail store about 300 feet from the location location of a previous store where she was shot in the neck during a robbery two years ago.

Ruth Steppe said if all goes as planned, she and her husband, Robert, want to open 799 Acme Place, in the rear of 316 Campbell St.

Steppe said she was shot shortly after 2:15 p.m. Dec. 2, 2011 and a half-inch difference in the trajectory of the bullet in either direction could have resulted in possible paralysis or death.

“We’d like to open by October,” Steppe told the commission members.

Another city business owner, Benjamin Stopper, received a positive recommendation for placing up signs on properties he owns at 301 Grove St. and 25 Maynard St.

Stopper wants to put up the signs in order to advertise his barbecue restaurant at Basin and Church streets.

Lycoming College officials received a positive recommendation for the college’s plan to make room for additional parking outside the Shangraw Athletic Complex, a stadium where college’s outdoor athletic teams play their home games.

The college statisfied city equirements for the proposal, according to Gary Knarr, city zoning officer.

In addition, Lawrence and Debra Keller received positive recommendation to subdivide a property they own at 1029 Washington Blvd.

The request will create a separate lot, Knarr said.