Non-union pensions approved

The Loyalsock Township board of supervisors approved paying non-union pensions next year at their Tuesday night meeting.

The “minimum municipal obligation” for the township this year is $81,852, after paying $77,000 this year and $89,000 in 2011.

“This number deals with the nine current office employees actively working for you, the four or five employees who are not yet retired, but are vested and now working somewhere else, and still owe them money someday when they retire,” township manager Bill Burdett told the board. “They have a formula. What they do is figure out the life expectancy for a man, the expectancy for a woman, they assume you’ll work till age 62 and die at whatever age that life expectancy is.”

Since interest is down right now, the payment is somewhat up, Burdett told the board.

Supervisors also “ratified” the agreement to transfer the township’s sewer infrastructure to the control of the Williamsport Sanitary Authority, an agreement signed last Friday.

“Officially, as of this Friday, we do not own our sewer system,” Burdett said. “There are still a lot of things I don’t want to call loose ends, but we have to transition from us to them. We already eliminated the sampling, all the overtime we had for sampling will be over. We will continue to bill the WSA as a contractor, as an intermunicipal agreement, for any costs after the fact.”

Burdett anticipates that by the end of this year the transition will be complete.

The board also approved scheduling two zoning-related public hearings on Oct. 8. One hearing will deal with a variance requested by K.C. Larson to install a one-bay conversion station, to change vehicles over to run on natural gas at 99 Eck Circle. The other hearing will deal with a new ordinance to regulate billboards and some electronic signage.

After those hearings, the board will hold its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m.