Officials: Agreement with township ends duplication of services for future savings

The Williamsport Sanitary Authority closed on an agreement with Loyalsock Township Friday to begin collecting the township’s sewage.

Officials at the brief noon ceremony at the authority headquarters at 253 W. Fourth St. said the transfer won’t impact customers’ bills initially, and the transaction is designed to reduce administrative costs and prevent duplication of services.

A similar transaction has been in place between the authority and Woodward Township since April 2012.

“Merging the Loyalsock Township’s sewage collection system into the authority’s will benefit all customers,” said Douglas Keith, executive director of the Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority.

“This has been a cooperative process between all parties, and we look forward to serving our new customers,” said Thomas Frazier, chairman of the authority.

According to John Bower, township chairman, the closing is the culmination of efforts meant to eliminate duplication of administrative efforts and allow for a more efficient operation.

The township has two groups of customers: those who are metered, which the authority has billed for years, and flat-rate customers who will start to receive bills after October, according to Keith. Customer rates initially will be set at the township’s current rate structure, he said.

“It doesn’t impact the rates of the Williamsport customers,” Keith said. “This is our job,” he said of the authority’s abilities to collect and treat sanitary waste. “It’s what we do and we do it best.”