Police, skateboarding concern Montgomery

“When is the police going to be back on patrol full-time,” a concerned citizen asked at Tuesday’s Montgomery Borough Council meeting. “People are blowing stop signs all hours of the day and night and things are getting out of hand around here.”

Mayor Andy Ondufrak assured her that the police will be back on regular schedule today.

On a more positive note, the resident did thank the borough employees for picking up her brush pile she left for them.

Another resident complained about people riding skateboards down his sidewalk. He wanted to know who is going to pay for the sidewalk when the skateboards ruins it and who is going to liable if someone gets hurt. He demanded that a decision be made that night regarding this issue.

“I will check into what can be done legally with the sidewalk liability, but there is a process that making an ordinance has to go through,” said solicitor Ben Landon. “Although we may be able to stop them from skateboarding on the sidewalks in the future, the bottom line is there is nothing that can be done tonight.”

A concerned citizen informed council of problems associated with last year’s 9-11 ride. According to the citizen, a motorcyclist was drunk and driving down the sidewalk the wrong way. The mayor assured him that there would be more than one police officer on duty tonight.

Councilman J.J. Magyar echoed the concerns of the citizens and agreed that police need to do more than just drive around town in their cruisers.

The council also is looking into implementing foot patrol in the future to monitor things more closely in town.

The board agreed that the police department and all the issues surrounding it would be discussed during the executive session.

Council approved next year’s fireworks to be held on July 3 at an estimated cost of $8,000. The borough will be accepting donations to help pay for them.