Recreation commission wants to work with city businesses

The Williamsport Recreation Commission is thinking about working closer with the Williamsport Business Association as it plans for a Halloween-type event.

Ideas discussed at Monday’s commission meeting included asking college and high-school students to paint portions of the windows of downtown businesses in orange, black, white and other appropriate seasonal colors.

Another idea – suggested by commission member Rodney Morgans – was to have children and their parents and guardians visit City Hall on a night when packs of candy would be handed out, perhaps by committee members or business owners.

Another proposal was about having a portion of the city’s Website devoted to the recreational departmen and putting the city’s recreation facilities on the site to show what is available and what they have to offer.

It was also suggested that the hours of Joel Garrison Day in August be expanded and made later in the day so more parents and children can attend.

Garrison was a soldier in the Spanish American War who returned to the city and devoted his life to serving area children. Each summer, on the aniversary of the end of the war, a fund established under his family name is used to pay for the event at Memorial Park.

City Councilwoman Liz Miele suggested a walk around the park with someone who is knowledgable about plants, so children can learn to identify various plant species.

Becky Lundy, a committee member, said reading stories to the children also might become a part of the schedule of events.