Slow going

Summer work on Route 220 on a 4-mile stretch around Jersey Shore began a phase on Wednesday that will require traffic to stay in one lane, both ways, between Route 287 and Pine Creek.

The condition will persist for “the next couple weeks,” according to the state Department of Transportation. Contractor HRI Inc. could not give a more specific timeframe, PennDOT District 3-0 spokesman Rick Mason said.

The $2,016,219 project began in mid-June.

Now, HRI is laying down two kinds of preservation treatments. On the northbound lanes, the contractor will be putting on a “thin mix,” a 1-inch thick layer of asphalt – a type of treatment never tried in District 3-0 before.

On the southbound lanes and on all ramps along the project route, HRI will use “microsurfacing,” essentially a high-grade oil-and-chips treatment that’s expected to add five to seven years to the life of the road.

“We’re doing one side as thin mix blacktop, the other side as microsurfacing, and side by side we’ll compare them over a period of years to see how they hold up,” Mason said.

When the paving is done at the intersection of routes 220 and 287, the detour for those who want to turn from Route 220 North to Route 287 North will continue on “Route 220 northbound to the Fourth Street exit to the median crossover at Antler’s Lane to westbound Fourth Street to southbound Route 220 to Route 287 northbound,” according to a PennDOT release.

“The detour route for Route 287 southbound to Route 220 northbound is Route 220 southbound to the Route 44/Main Street exit ramp to Route 44 to Route 220 northbound entrance ramp to Route 220 northbound.”

No date has been given for work at any interchanges.

“Typically, they do interchanges once the main line is taken care of,” Mason said.