South Side residents can choose single-stream recycling

South Williamsport Borough Council approved single-stream recycling at its meeting Monday evening for residents who choose to participate. Councilman Henry Frey Jr. voted against it.

Single-stream recycling provides convenience, as people may combine fibers and containers in one tote. It will cost participants about $5 a month more; haulers who participate set the charges. Curbside and drop-off recycling will remain, and will still be source-separated, Resource Recovery Manager Jason Yorks said at last month’s meeting.

Construction for the borough’s $8 million sewer project is finished, and a grand opening will be held after the finishing touches, such as seeding grass, are done. The purpose of the project at Charles and Main streets was two-fold: The new pump stations improve efficiency for pumping sewage to the Williamsport treatment plant, and the storage tank prevents discharge overloads from going into the river, said borough manager Michael Miller.

Council approved August’s bill of $331,171 to G. M. McCrossin Inc. construction, based out of Bellefonte, and Preload, for the sewer project. It’s unknown at this point if rates will go up for customers.

On a more dour note, the South Williamsport Borough Pool had a major leak all summer, Frey said, with millions of gallons of water lost. Council will assess the cost to fix the leak and weigh it against how much it’s used. Only on three days during the summer did more than 200 children use the pool, Frey said. “I don’t know if we’ll have enough money to get it up and running by next year,” Frey said.

But they can’t wait too long to decide what to do; as water empties, the pool’s walls close in, causing more damage. Already, water is left only in the deep end of the pool.

“We can’t just ignore it,” Frey said.

The pool was renovated about 10 years ago, and has been there since the mid-1970s.