Woman relishes a simple autumn with her daughter

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Sometimes the gentle transition of autumn brings out the best of those who appreciate the simple things in life.

That much was true for Ashlea Woolley of Hughesville, a tax reassessment worker for Lycoming County.

Woolley was enjoying a complementary chocolate marshmallow ice cream, given in appreciation for county workers by a local ice cream business, as she discussed her anticipation of what fall would bring her and her daughter.

She said she was most anticipating spending an afternoon with her 3-year-old, Kierra, at Indian Park in Montoursville, where she said she would have photographs taken of her and her daughter amidst the fall foliage.

“I can’t want for portraits we’re taking,” Woolley said, adding that she wanted to have them taken now so the leaves would provide a nice backdrop.

“I love the leaves changing,” she said, standing with her co-worker Tina Barber outside the courthouse.

Woolley said she also was looking forward to the holidays ahead, especially with her daughter, with whom she loves to sing.

“I love the holidays,” she said, eager to prepare for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.