County escapees may be in Waterville area

Escapees Christoni Pettit and Jared Houser have continued their crime spree after escaping Sunday night from the Lycoming County Pre-Release Center.

Jarrett David Houser, 38, of 2411 Lycoming Creek Road, and Christony Victor Pettit, 24, of 400 Glenwood Ave., are thought to be heading into the mountains near Little Pine State Park in Waterville.

“On Wednesday, we received a tip that they stole a motorcycle from a resident in Lycoming Township. It was found today at a cabin near English Center, in the area of Little Pine State Park,” Chief County Detective William Weber said Thursday.

“We have evidence they committed two cabin burglaries,” he added, “and another burglary Monday in the Bodines area.”

Police think at least one of the men has shaved his facial hair.

The two men were spotted briefly by a state trooper, Weber said, “and last were seen on foot, heading into the thick laurel in the mountains.”

Police said it’s likely that the two will break into another cabin or residence.

Area residents should keep their doors locked and report any suspicious activity by calling 911, Weber said.

He added that many state troopers, Lycoming County sheriff’s deputies, state Game Commission officers, park rangers and county detectives are scouring the area for the two men.

Houser is described as 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing 180 pounds with blond or strawberry-blond, collar-length hair. Pettit is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, weighing 175 pounds with short black hair.

Both of the men had been serving six-month sentences for failure to pay child support, police said.