Experienced roofer looks for indoor janitorial work

Long-time roofer William Copen has been thinking quite a bit these days on finding another line of work.

With the winter months fast approaching, Copen is focusing his thoughts and attention on finding work as an indoor custodian or maintenance man.

“I really want to get into janitorial work,” said Copen, a Williamsport native. “I like stripping down floors, shampooing rugs, that kind of work.

“I like doing harder jobs like that, as opposed to dusting off desks and lights,” said Copen, a fan of the Miami Dolphins.

Already in his early 50s, Copen has enjoyed being a roofer, but he wants something now where his feet are on the ground and not on top of a house.

“I like stripping the old wax off floors, mopping them real well and then rewaxing them,” the Jersey Shore resident said.

“When a job is done right, it’s very rewarding to see it. If you leave too much stripper on a floor and don’t get it cleaned up right, when it comes to rewaxing the floor, it won’t be shiny. There will be spots on it. It has to be done right,” Copen said.

“I’m getting older, and I would like to find something that would involve year-round indoor work, some place that has a little air conditioning in the summer and a little bit of heat in the winter, work where you’re not baking or freezing to death,” said Copen, who has been a roofer for 17 years.

He previously worked for a school district where he stripped and waxed classroom floors, and he got a lot of satisfaction out of it.

“I got to get some applications out, because the season is pretty much over for roofing,” he said.