Jersey Shore looks at elementary project

JERSEY SHORE – While giving an update on a construction project currently being done at the Jersey Shore Elementary School at Monday’s school board meeting, contractors of the project looked to give an explanation of an incident that occurred last week.

Mark Yinger, president of ECI Construction, the general contractor of the project, explained that around noon on Oct. 8 a subcontractor had made a decision to grind concrete without consulting ECI. The work created dust that entered the school building’s hallways and classrooms.

Although the work was performed outside of the building, Yinger said it shouldn’t have been done.

“We’re pretty disappointed,” he noted.

Yinger added that ECI was willing to pay for the cleanup and any other cost resulting from the incident. He also said that starting today all employees must meet with the superintendent of construction before doing any sawing, drilling or dust-producing activity.

This is the second time since the school year started that the board has heard a report of an incident from the construction project. The first one in September resulted in a few staff members experiencing skin and respiration irritation when construction workers were removing roofing material during school hours.

During the board’s monthly update on the construction project Dan Cicala, of Fidevia, explained that the gymnasium addition was taking shape, noting that walls and roofing currently are being installed.

“A lot’s happened in a short amount of time,” Cicala said of the progress.

He added that the gymnasium, front entrance and drop-off loops are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Cicala estimated that financially the project is about 45 percent complete. There were no change orders for the elementary school project this month, but Cicala did say to expect a few to come to the board for approval next month.

Pending change orders total about $175,000, but Cicala added that none have been approved yet and could be rejected by the board.

In other business, the board decided to remove a one-year extension of a lease between the district and Stout’s Auto Pro from its agenda.

The agenda item called for an extension of a lease that was made in October of 2012 to allow Stout’s to lease part of the district administration building’s parking lot for $100 a month.

Harry Brungard, board member, didn’t agree with the monthly cost, saying it should be more.

“I think that’s a pretty cheap lease agreement,” he said.

J. David Smith, board solicitor, suggested that the board approve a one-month extension – which it did by unanimous vote – and then come back next meeting with a figure it agrees on.