Loyalsock Township supervisors expand billboard regulations

Loyalsock Township supervisors increased the regulation for advertising signs at their Tuesday night meeting.

After a public hearing, the board passed an ordinance that keeps billboards 1,000 feet apart. The ordinance also regulates electronic signs, allowing them “on premises” in the township’s commercial, industrial and office districts as long as they have dimming controls and don’t change messages less than every three seconds. Full video display and flashing are prohibited.

Such signs are allowed “off premises” in the industrial and commercial districts, which are mostly along Third Street and Lycoming Creek Road.

In other business, township Manager Bill Burdett updated the board on the new Sheridan Street bridge.

According to Burdett, the contract is scheduled to be finished by Nov. 8.

“I was invited to a predeck pouring meeting; I never knew there was such a thing,” Burdett said. “They were tearing out the street to realign Miller Avenue today. They do have one issue with paving. PennDOT typically has an October deadline for contractors to put down paving materials. They want them to extend that, so they don’t just put base coat down, then have to come back in the spring and finish.”

Recreation director Shannon Lukowsky gave an update on the township and school district’s takeover of the former Army Reserve Center: “We received our letter of assignment from the National Park Service,” Lukowsky said. “Unfortunately, because of what’s going on with the government, that’s still kind of on hold. We received the letter the day before the shutdown – we’re supposed to get keys 15 days after the letter.”

Once the township does get the keys, it can take “constructive possession” of the building, Lukowsky said. It can start planning, and the deed transfer should be done by the new year.

The board also approved a conditional-use application to install a natural gas conversion garage at 97 Eck Circle, for KC Larson.

“We’ll be the only actual conversion company between State College and Scranton,” Larson said. “The closest filling station is in McElhattan – but our company sells in-home filling stations.”

Supervisor Rick Wheeland asked Larson if he anticipated other natural gas stations going in around the region.

“I can’t name names,” Larson said, “but there’s other businesspeople looking at Newberry and the Muncy/Hughesville area.”