Mayor changes rental proposal

City Council is to take up the first reading of a proposed rental ordinance tonight, with expected testimony from police and Mayor Gabriel J. Campana and questions by council on the proposed law.

Campana Wednesday removed a provision of the draft ordinance requiring landlords to routinely submit the names and details regarding tenants to the city codes department.

“I have removed this provision from the draft ordinance, as I believe it creates a particular burden for both the city and property owners and would constitute a level of intrusion government that we do not need,” Campana said.

Campana said the city has issues regarding nuisance properties but he believes they can be further addressed without the tenant registration mandate.

Capt. Timothy Miller is on the agenda as the presenter of the proposal. Miller has told the Sun-Gazette he plans to show where the problem rental areas are in the city and where the majority of crimes have occurred over the past three years.

Landlords also are on the agenda and expected to present their side of the proposed law.

The police and mayor believe the ordinance can help to combat drug crime because, they said, many crimes of this sort occur in rental properties.

Additionally, council is expected to have a final reading on amending a $20 million bond ordinance that will pay for several projects, including:

Upgrades to Bowman Field;

Further investment in a compressed natural gas fueling station for River Valley Transit;

The construction of Trade and Transit Centre II expansion project;

Future use of Destination 2014 (the planned reuse of the YMCA building and block taking it from a non-profit building to taxable properties);

A pool funding; and

The completion of the Reach Road reconstruction and paving projects to assist growth at the industrial park.