Mayor wants to repair pool at Memorial Park, close 1 in East End

Memorial Pool is the one aquatic facility the city appears ready to invest in.

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana next Thursday will request $250,000 more to pay for repairs in order to open it up by 2015.

That means the city will have one pool, closing East End Pool after the 2014 season, he said.

Campana said he concluded the pool at Memorial Park be reopened after a study and bore testing was done by Aquatic Facility Design, of Millersburg, for about $4,000.

“We finally have a decision and since we’re going to have a pool, I will support any amendment for that,” Council President Bill Hall said.

Hall said now is the time for neighborhood associations and businesses surrounding Memorial Park to start their fundraisers, bring together trust and investment instruments to begin the process of setting up a fund that can help in the maintenance of the pool over the long haul.

“We’ve heard from the neighbors and now let’s get some community involvement,” Hall said. “They need to be able to do their part, too.”

While initially the administration thought it was less costly to repair East End Pool, several tests were done including core borings of the concrete shells at the pools. The analysis indicates to keep East End Pool viable, safe and appropriate would cost between $800,000 to $1 million.

One mill of real estate tax in the city is $860,000, according to the city financing department.

For the same to occur at Memorial Pool, which has been closed for more than two years, the cost for repairing and opening it is estimated at $750,000.