Medical gap deductibles to go up for housing authority employees

MANSFIELD Employees of the Tioga County Housing Authority, headquartered in Blossburg, will receive notice that their medical gap insurance coverage deductible will rise from $250 to $750 following action by the authority board Monday.

The increase takes effect Dec. 1, when the insurance used by the authority will be returning to American Sentinel, a more local company, according to executive director Kelley Cevette.

Though it seems like a large jump authority board president Jody Thomas said there is no monthly premium charged to employees for the insurance.

Board member Leo Parchesky said he recalled when the deductible was up to $1,500.

The savings for the authority will amount to $4,800, Cevette added.

“I think they would rather have this than pay out of their check each week,” she said.

Costs to the authority for its 28 employees currently hover around $14,000 to $15,000 a year.

Cevette also announced that the authority has received about half what it anticipated getting for its rental assistance voucher program – $22,000 instead of about $40,000.

“For the month of August they did another recapture,” she said, adding that the reimbursement received from the department of Housing and Urban Development is based on a difficult formula to anticipate.

Rental assistance currently assists 180 low income renters out of an allowed 216.

“We spent about $34,000 less in rental assistance this past fiscal year,” she said.

In the public housing occupancy report for September, Cevette noted there are still two family apartments that have not yet been filled, but not due to a lack of applicants.

“There is a four bedroom in Lawrenceville that was not in good shape when the previous tenants left after being evicted,” she said.