Millionaire spirit

Through a partnership with the Pennsylvania College of Technology, The Williamsport Area High School now will be able to ride in style to special events in “The Millionaire Mobile.”

The 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V, donated by Butch Eberhart and Jackie Eberhart, allowed students from both schools to get their hands dirty by fixing it up to its former glory and beyond.

The high school’s automotive department took care of mechanical aspect of fixing the car up, while Penn College currently is working on the paint job.

As Alfred M. Thomas II, Penn College instructor, described it, the car will have the district’s traditional red-and-white color scheme. The body will be red with a white roof. The school district logo will be on both the hood and side doors.

“It should look like a factory paint job,” Thomas said.

To help get the color just right, students will use a Williamsport football helmet to copy.

Shaun Williams, an 11th-grade student at Williamsport, explained that the car was in “fairly good shape” when the class received it, but still needed a few repairs. Jordan Viehdorfer, a fellow 11th-grade student, noted that they did some work on the car’s fan belt, battery and fuses.

The high school students have enjoyed being able to visit the Penn College facilities.

“It’s pretty amazing that the school allows us to come down here and check on how our car’s doing,” Viehdorfer said on a recent visit to Penn College.

Thomas explained that he and Pat Dixon, high school instructor, have a good working relationship, which allowed the project to get done.

“We’ve had a pretty close relationship over the past few years,” Thomas said.

Dixon and his students added that this will leave a legacy for the students to remember.

“It’s also going to be cool 20 years down the road to come back to Williamsport and say, ‘Hey, my first year of automotive, I worked on that car,’ ” Viehdorfer said.

Kelvin Ortiz, a second-year student at Penn College, said he was excited to get to do what he loves while also leaving his mark on the area.

“I’m just happy that I get to leave this for generations to come,” he said.

The car should be completed by the end of the semester, Thomas reported.

The district plans to use the car at district and community events, such as parades.

The project was funded by the school district’s Education Foundation.