Projects to get more gas impact fee dollars

More gas impact fee dollars will be allocated to two projects based on the Lycoming County commissioners’ approval Thursday.

The county initially authorized $180,000 in impact funding for the water main relocation and expansion around the YMCA, when the construction cost was estimated at $360,000, said William Kelly, county planning department deputy director. Upon further review of the project, that cost did not include all aspects, and the cost now is $530,390, so the commissioners may approve an additional $30,000 contribution toward that project with impact dollars.

The commissioners also may approve a $170,000 funding agreement of impact dollars with the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority to go toward the South Williamsport water storage tank project. The project includes a 500,000-gallon water storage tank, a booster pump station and several miles of pipe, Kelly said. It will benefit portions of South Williamsport, DuBoistown and Armstrong Township.

The West Branch Regional Authority had high operational performance at their sewage treatment plants, and so need 10,000 fewer nutrient credits from the county than expected, said Megan Lehman, county environmental planner. The county may sell those credits at the same or higher price; if they can’t be sold, the authority remains responsible for their payment, she said.

The planning department is updating their zoning software, and the commissioners should approve the $12,500 cost for that purchase and data conversion, said Fran McJunkin, deputy director of planning, GIS and assessment. Natural gas drilling impact funds will cover that cost. The software tracks permits and provides updated information continuously.