School board discusses state profiles

Loyalsock Township School District administrators took time during Wednesday’s school board meeting to discuss the district’s school performance profiles, which were released by the state earlier this month.

Superintendent Robert Grantier explained that the district will use the scores of each building as a tool to recognize strengths and weaknesses as a means of continually offering the best education to students.

Grantier specifically addressed the score of Schick Elementary, which was the lowest of the district’s three buildings with a 70.3 score. He said that the district has been looking at ways of improving the elementary before the scores were released and is continuing to do so.

Grantier said the district is working on a plan to make the needed improvements. He added that everyone needs to be held accountable when looking at the scores.

Schick Principal John Rhodes admitted that he was not pleased with his building’s score and is determined to make the needed improvements.

“I’m not happy with that number. I think we’re better than that,” he said.

John Raymond, board member, asked Rhodes to let the board know what resources he needed to make the changes and improve.

Raymond added that although the elementary score wasn’t what the district would like, it shows good growth within the district that building scores improved from elementary to middle school to high school.

Grantier said he was sure that the proper adjustments would be made, as some already have been implemented.

“We have the tools in place to make that happen,” he said.