School performance by the numbers

The state Department of Education’s new PA School Performance Profile looks at many areas of a building’s educational work in order to give it a score out of 100 points.

According to PDE, academic achievement counts for 40 percent of the performance profile. For this category, it includes, as can be applied, the percent of students proficient or advanced in mathematics/Algebra I; reading/literature; science/biology; writing; industry standard-based competency assessments; and third-grade reading scores. All are weighted differently to make up the 40 percent.

Closing the achievement gap for all students and historically underperforming students – those with individual education plans, economically disadvantaged and English as a second language – each count for 5 percent of the performance profile.

Academic growth is another 40 percent of the profile, which uses the state Value Added Assessment System to see if students are continuously growing academically. Mathematics; reading; science; and writing are the categories tested.

The final 10 percent consists of graduation/promotion rate; attendance; advanced placement; and PSAT/plan participation.

Schools also can receive extra credit points from the amount of students who were advanced on standardized tests and scored a three or higher on AP tests.

Williamsport Area School District:

Cochran Elementary School: 66.3

Hepburn-Lycoming Elementary School: 79

Jackson Elementary School: 70.7

Round Hills Elementary School: 78.7

Sheridan Elementary School: 62.9

Stevens Elementary School: 70.4

Curtin Middle School: 70.4

Lycoming Valley Middle School: 70.9

Williamsport Area High School: 79.8

South Williamsport Area School District:

Central Elementary School: 82.3

Rommelt Elementary School: 80.5

South Williamsport Junior/Senior High School: 82.2

Loyalsock Township School District:

Donald E. Schick Elementary School: 70.3

Loyalsock Township Middle School: 80.9

Loyalsock Township High School: 91.6

Montoursville Area School District:

Loyalsock Valley Elementary School: 92.1

Lyter Elementary School: 91.9

C.E. McCall Middle School: 88.6

Montoursville Area High School: 73.3

Jersey Shore Area School District:

Avis Elementary School: 84.5

Nippenose Valley Elementary School: 74.7

Jersey Shore Elementary School: 85.3

Salladasburg Elementary School: 89.4

Jersey Shore Area Middle School: 80.1

Jersey Shore Area High School: 72.2

East Lycoming School Distict:

Renn Elementary School: 90

Ferrell Elementary School: 82.2

Ashkar Elementary School: 82.9

Hughesville Junior/Senior High School: 82.7

Muncy School District:

Myers Elementary School: 92.6

Muncy Junior/Senior High School: 81.3

Montgomery Area School District:

Montgomery Elementary School: 80.6

Montgomery Middle School: 81.1

Montgomery High School: 77.5

Sugar Valley Rural Charter School: 54.6