Sheriff candidate brings experience and change

Hugh E. McGee is running for Lycoming County sheriff because he has experience and passion for law enforcement, and wants his voice to be heard, he said.

A Williamsport native, after graduating from Harrisburg Area Community College in 1977 with a degree in police administration, he graduated from Allentown Police Academy in 1979. He went on to be in the U.S. Army, military and police corps from 1972 to 1975; the Harrisburg Capitol Police from 1976 to 1978; and the Williamsport Police Department from 1978 to 2003.

“Most of the time, I was interested in being a patrol officer, I wasn’t interested in climbing the ranks. … As entry level, you see mistakes administration makes, and what should be done. Over the course of three decades, I knew how you would like to be treated as a frontline officer. You learned from those who were good at it,” McGee said.

Now 60, he’s owned Korner Kuts for 4 1/2 years where he mostly cuts men’s hair as a licensed cosmetologist. He said he believes a prerequisite to holding public office should be to have experience as a business owner in the private sector.

“You’re not so quick to ask for resources. I think people in this community are taxed to the limit. Many bureaucrats get in there, and try to grow departments, and (therefore) their influence, but there’s only so much the community can support,” McGee said.

He would like to see more transparency in county government finances, and said he thinks public officials should serve a full 40-hour work week, and not hold other offices or jobs simultaneously.

McGee said residents should vote for him over incumbent Mark Lusk for several reasons.

“Because most people favor term limits,” he said, and they choose with their vote. Moreover, “I wanted to have an opportunity to demonstrate my leadership skills in a criminal justice environment.”

He said when he looks at a county government predominantly dominated by one party – Republicans – that can lead to lopsided trouble. He is a registered Democrat.