Water, sanitary line costs are further defrayed

Lycoming County’s natural gas impact fee contribution has been increased for the YMCA and Susquehanna Health building projects.

The Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority Wednesday was set to receive $180,000 for replacing a water main, but instead found out it was getting $210,000 in natural gas impact fees, according to Charles Hauser, authority director of engineering.

The money will help defray costs for replacing the water main that is running beneath where the YMCA building is under construction between Walnut and High streets, he said.

The authority is wrapping the water main around the building and going up Walnut Street to High Street and tying in service for the Susquehanna Health Innovation Center on the parking lot of the Williamsport Regional Medical Center, Hauser said.

Then, a sanitary line will be run adjacent to the water main for the innovation center, a four-story medical center under design. The cost for the water and sanitary line replacement projects is estimated to be $530,000, Hauser said.

Some $90,000 of the $210,000 will be used to offset costs the authority would have had while $60,000 of the $210,000 will be used by the health system.

In addition, $60,000 will be used to defray tapping-fees or tap-on fees that the YMCA would have been charged, Hauser said.

“It’s really good we’re working together with the YMCA and Susquehanna Health on the length of this water and sanitary line project,” Hauser said.

The YMCA will be responsible for its portion and the authority its area of development and the coordination and money from the county are helping get it done more cost efficiently, Hauser said.

The vote was 6-0 with three absentees. Voting in favor were William Nichols, Eiderson Dean, Steve Cappelli, Thomas Frazier, John Meyer, Matt Rebeck and Tom Marnon. Absent were George Bierman, Dr. Marshall Welch and William Ertel. Ertel was at the meeting but didn’t vote, an authority official said.