Woman weary of drug paraphernalia in neighborhood

Debbie Pitt worries for her grandchildren. She’s afraid they will pick up drug paraphernalia that routinely is found around her house on High Street.

Pitt, who lives between Grier and Rose streets, is getting upset when she sees what she described as small bags, some of them having residual white powder inside, and needles near her vehicle and house.

“We just found a needle next to the truck,” she said. “We’re finding little bags all around, mostly in the alleys and mostly on weekends when it’s worse.”

Her concern isn’t only for her family and neighbors, but her grandchildren who visit and stay at her house.

“I don’t want them going outside and picking up a drug bag or needles,” she said.

Three years before purchasing their house, she and husband Doug called around, checked with neighbors and spoke with the police.

“It wasn’t as bad,” she said, about when they first moved here. She said she thought it was going to be a good neighborhood to live in and raise their grandchildren.

The problem has gotten worse, she said.

But she and her husband didn’t sit back and complain. They volunteered to be the coordinators for a local neighborhood watch group.

On Monday night, Pitt attended the third installment of the Boot Camp of the Mind, put on by the Williamsport-Lycoming Crime Commission and the Williamsport Citizens Corps Council at City Hall.

Information, she said, shared by crime fighters and others at these one-hour sessions will prove invaluable and help her know what to do as she works with police.